18th August 2020

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The roots of digital and electronic media have penetrated even into the hinterland of the ad world and with the print and OOH media being crippled due to the lockdown, the soil has only turned fertile for them. To put it more succinctly, with the print media gone to the bin for the moment and OOH options lying idle, what better time other than a lockdown of this magnitude can brands expect to address a captive audience holed up in their homes! With the add-on advantage of the lockdown, digital spends are projected to comprise 50% of the total ad spends in the year 2020.

As far as innovative media options are concerned, advertisers are leaving no stone unturned to woo their existing customers as well as website visitors on the basis of First Party Data. Programmatic advertising which involves capitalising on behavioural tendencies of customers is being considered as a good option. An emerging novelty is the Tik Tok trending activity wherein influencers make videos on hashtags which include brand names. Behemoths like Coca Cola, Levis, etc. are already doing campaigns using this. Yet another interesting option can be Quora ads through which an ad can be shown in the form of useful information in the space between a query and the answers that are generated therein. Then of course there are popular digital platforms like Hotstar and YouTube. That’s not all. The idiot box too is attracting abundant viewers through mythological serials, popular soaps of the good old days and news channels during the lockdown.

Given the fact that digital advertising is getting affordable with time and production of high quality content is next to impossible during and due to the lockdown, influencers can create videos and live streams at home though of course product detailing can take a backseat. After all, is there a dearth of creative minds in the world around us?