15th September 2022, By Rashmi Ramakrishnan, Copywriter

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Whether you're 5 year old or 50 years old, if there is one trend everyone is buzzing on, it has got to be the reels. Boasting of unparalleled engagement and entertainment, if you watch one, there’s no stopping your thumb. And, if you are looking for a business to connect with your audience in an effective and organic manner, there is nothing better than reels. Here’s a peek into the two best reel works we have created for our brands. Read on!

Eni is into lubricants and automotive oils with a strong foothold over the southern India market. And also smaller pockets of western and northern India. For its social media, mechanics and retailers form the major chunk of the target audience. Therefore, explaining the product features in a quirky way seemed important. With our reels, we did exactly that. Vibrant colours, simplistic visuals and engaging copy helped us rake in a huge number of views and increase the follower base too. For instance, this reel brought in 3,77,113 impressions and garnered a reach of 8,04,743.

Similarly, for Sushrut Hospital, the audience covered people of all age groups in and around the area of Chembur. Hence, to commemorate health days celebrated across the world, we created reels that passed on the message of a healthy life but with a twist. Watch the reel on World ORS Day and International Yoga day here . The former reel reached 5,266 accounts with an engagement rate of 2.4% organically.

So if you are looking for a quick and quirky respite to your monotonous static posts and GIFs, reels is the answer. Go, reel ‘em in!