17th October 2022

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In the wake of uber convenience and quick digital transactions, there lurks the shadow of cyber crimes. UPI frauds, debit card frauds, lottery scams and so on have engulfed the society today and the people are trying to be their vigil best. But are they? Taking a leaf from the people’s page was Bank of Baroda’s campaign on cyber crimes.

The audience today is well aware of these fraudsters and Bank of Baroda wanted to play on this knowledge of the customers. Hence, instead of a quintessential awareness campaign, we were tasked to come up with a smarter strategy.

There birthed Pehchaan Con; an action driven campaign that urged people to identify the con and call him/her out right there. Not only did it value the intellect of the audience but also equipped them with the tool to fight it.

With high recall of the quirky phrase, Pehchaan Con began as a social media campaign consisting of static posts and GIFs. But feedback bowled us over! And soon snowballed into a series of six digital films. Released on Bank of Baroda’s social media channels, they covered an array of age groups and con patterns to showcase every possible scam there is. Adding to it, the films were also played in cinema halls to cater to a larger audience.

With an organic view of over 15 million on YouTube and 0.5 lakh impressions, the results have created waves across the sector. On Facebook, the impressions are 0.2 million with the reach amounting up to 20 thousand. With the right messaging and relatable style, it is indeed a campaign to remember.