17th January 2023

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We are right on the anvil of the New Year 2023. With the ever-evolving consumer behaviour, it would be prudent to take a look at the key social media content trends for our brands and businesses:

Be Authentic & Transparent: Authenticity builds an emotional connection to a brand. Here the brand leader's personal presence on social media can play a proactive role in creating an emotional connection. This helps in building a positive impact and long-term brand reputation resulting in better sales. Case in point, why Anand Mahindra is one of the top CEOs in Social Media.

Short-Form Content Rules: The average user attention span in 2022 is just 8 seconds! With video content already ruling over 80% of marketing content, the spotlight is on signifying that bite-sized content rules. Therefore, it is no surprise that Short-form ranks #1 for lead generation and engagement, hence the rise in Instagram reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Google Shorts, etc.

User-Generated Content: Consumers love User Generated Content or UGC as it highly influences their purchasing decisions. Think about how many occasions a tweet, a testimonial or a video short resulted in a buy for you. UGC turns your customers into brand ambassadors and this human touch should be an integral part of your marketing communication.

Entertaining Content: Funny and entertaining content is highly shared and enjoyed. While using entertaining content, the company transforms into a group of people just like you offering relatability and building trust in the process.

Educating Content: Content that educates us helps us to solve a problem and is much appreciated by the users. For example, a tech brand with an explainer video helps us to understand the working and how to make the best use of its applications. This appeals to the reader’s emotions and makes them stick around with the brand for a longer time.

Inspiring Content: Content that inspires is highly infectious, helping us to be better, do better or just feel better. Instead of stereotyped images or video quotes, create case studies, customer testimonials and narrate personal stories of failures and challenges faced by real successful people.

These are just some of the trends. For more such interesting information and insights, do follow our page.