17th April 2020, By Venkat V, Sr. Copywriter

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There is no second thought that if there has been a disaster worse than World War II, it is this dreaded COVID -19 pandemic. As we are all experiencing, it has plunged the world in the darkness of untold misery, fear and all those factors that spell negativity and pessimism.

However as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining and to some extent it holds true for the pandemic too. In fact, there are some strokes of positivity painted by the pandemic on the canvas of our lives. There is apparent evidence that the air pollution has dropped by a more-than-significant proportion owing to the closure of polluting units and almost zero vehicular emission during the lockdown. The night sky is clearer and the milky way manifests itself in its majestic glory and grandeur. If you lend an ear to the world beyond your window sill, you get to hear birds orchestrating melodious compositions amid newfound tranquility. There are even reports that in Australia, dolphins are playing close to the shores.

All this apart, when you switch on your TV set you will notice that the blame game played by politicians on each other is subdued to a major extent. Generally speaking, hostility has taken the backseat and everyone seems to be united to contain the infection. And what’s unbelievable is that a major hand wash brand has taken the lead to announce that any hand wash (other than the one being advertised) is good enough to protect oneself from the coronavirus. And this comes from a manufacturer, known for its shrewd and aggressive advertising approaches!

Let’s hope that after we are relieved from the clutches of this horrid pandemic the aforementioned positivity and the hidden healing touch of the virus are here to stay.