29th November 2021, By Avani Sangani, Copywriter

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Sometimes, it’s the small gesture that makes a big difference. A heart-warming smile, a helping hand, a big tight hug. That's what we're made up of, that’s what humanity is made up of. Taking this thought ahead, we created magic for IndianOil, this Diwali.

In our 1 minute and 48 second film for the energy giant, we embodied emotions that touched people’s hearts. The brief received was crisp and clear, on the festive occasion of Diwali, IndianOil wanted to connect with the audience’s hearts, by subtly integrating the brand with the latter.

Among the many products we could choose from, we decided to use an IOCL cylinder, because what is the festival of lights without food? And what better place to highlight this festival than the shop of a Halwai?

It is in the backdrop of a sweet shop that we imagined the sweeter story of those working within the shop.We considered how Diwali strikes the right chord in everyone, all those festive cravings that come with it and the lively mood that peps up celebrants, irrespective of societal status.

The film received a rewarding response with over 3 million views on YouTube, more than 1 million views on Twitter, 3.7k shares on Facebook. And as we write this, the views continue.

As an agency, this has been one of our most unforgettable experiences and we wish to create more and more of this in the times to come.