17th January 2023

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Working 9-to-5 at a company like Google or Microsoft was once everyone's dream, but not anymore! Here’s what we apprehended after having a conversation with this generation.

“It’s daunting”

“Monotonous max”

“We have to work 8 hours straight?”

“My issue is not with the labour, it’s the work-life culture”

~GenZ 2023

That’s pretty much the view of this generation who grew up in this digital environment. But honestly, it's pretty interesting. Just hear us out.

Why work a business day when we can capitalise on our interests?

Not everyone wants a 9–5 job and for Gen Zers, it is the complete opposite of what they desire. We think that one thing that Gen Zs have contributed to the world's ongoing transformation and evolution is the surge of entrepreneurship in a way that is unmatched by any previous generation. And why not! The world is full of potential and they are explorers. They relatively give “out-of-the-box” solutions to any challenge and are ready to experiment things.

So it all comes down to,

Are Gen Zs just pansy or just narcissists?

On paper, work lives might appear to be like a rainbow, but for many 9–5ers, personal lives are pretty much greyscale. We are merely glorifying overworking by striving to fuse our hobbies with our professions. Although Gen Zers are just as driven to succeed, they go about it in a more relaxed and in-control manner. To put it briefly, this is what the young generation expects:

- They flex flexibility:

They are not bound to time and flexibility is the name of the game! Creating a culture that’s not deadline oriented would make the typical work day - fun (and bearable.)

- Won’t give in to the “hustle culture”:

Work-life balance is not just a hyped term here! They seriously draw a line between their professional and personal lives and believe in maintaining mental peace. No doubt, they are well aware of their skills but they purely believe in YOLO!

- Experience different domains:

Why stick to one profile when you can freelance?

a) Provide services globally

b) Grow skills exponentially

c) Choose your clientele

d) Work at your own terms

Closing Thoughts:

We only have one thing to add: whether you work a 9–5 job or not, don't idealise being busy and let chronic burnout take its place. As this new force enters the workforce, we aim to learn from one another and scale as a whole. This trend setting generation is well prepared for the future of the work world.