18th August 2020

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A few kms away, but close by connection. A few hours away, but close by persistence. This is how the working world looks today. While social distancing is definitely the need of the hour, it has also paved the way for many of us to discover new means of communication and coordination.

With big brands launching and executing some of the most creative campaigns, one thing is clear - the ad world is here to stay. Come what may. What is also to be noted in this scenario, is the expanding horizons for communication and innovation. Here is what our fellow GoldMiners had to say about working through these times:

Shivani Desai, Asst.Client Servicing Manager,
“As the COVID-19 situation hit us like a brick on the face. The unexpected “complete lockdown” left people to adapt to the new normal in a quick second and continue to work as nothing happened. Along with its share of difficulties, this situation also opened up many doors for us and our clients with innovative content to reach the audience. Though working from home had its own challenges, in terms of getting people together only over call, online brainstorming via video calls etc, it did not hamper the quality of work. Overall, this experience has taught us to overcome technological and geographical challenges and meet client demands to the best of our ability. Together we all move forward!”

Anish Kadam, Senior Client Servicing Executive,
“Everyone has adapted to the times and found their inspiration to get through the toughest challenges and deliver what they are required to. Working from home has both it’s pros and cons; where the productivity goes high but the communication with teams needs more to and fro. Though the situation and the atmosphere outside was worrisome and negative, the little things such as the release of an artwork or cracking an idea which took lots of efforts added the positive essence to the days”

Rishad, Client Servicing Executive,
“While the lockdown came as a surprise to all of us followed by the panic of adapting to the new normal, it didn’t take much time for us to overcome this tide. Teamwork was stronger than ever which made the impossible, possible. I, personally have a great example of such an achievement in executing the amalgamation of two big banks, on digital platforms, amid the lockdown with great support and guidance from all the teams in Goldmine/Forward and that proves we shall move forward no matter what.”

Their words tell us of the magic that comes with determination and hard work. Successfully, we’ve not only opened endless possibilities but also some never before opportunities. Taking the cables, the connections, the broadbands, the dongles in our team, we as a fraternity have achieved the unthinkable. And here’s wishing more power to all of it. Here’s to staying together and close even from a distance.