5th September 2018, By Pratik Singla, Strategy & New Business

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When you consider the evolution of our species; it might seem like a process so patient that our everyday hardships appear meaningless - Why strive so hard when nature already has things planned for us?

Power of Communication

Now consider the existence of our species in relation to the environment we have traversed through - it’s a miracle we even made it this far! Our pale, soft muscle tissues, thin limbs and upright bodies would never be able to fend off an attack from the wild creatures that roamed the open natural kingdom.

We found a way. We improvised to survive - From languages to creating entire shared realities that surpassed physical worlds and time; we made it possible for all of us to work together. Thus transforming our weakness into our biggest strength.

Our ambition to strive everyday to progress is our evolutionary trait - It’s what makes us human. It’s what keeps us alive.

Goldmine completed its 30th year on 26th May 2018.

It was a day we celebrated with joy and happiness; Reminiscing about the good days and some challenging ones. It has been a journey and our very own evolution.

As the world around us now begins to transform through our collective human ambition to push the boundaries of technology and connectivity; our species is embracing new ways to build deeper connections.

This hyper-connected future will continue to impact people and therefore our clients who are now looking to find better ways to stay relevant. Goldmine is ready to take a new leap with a fresh, reinvigorated energy for the future.

We now have a redefined identity with a clear articulation of our vision and mission. After an internal exercise that spanned two months we defined our core values for the first time in 30 years:

Persistence: Hard work and dedication were never an exception to progress.

Agility: Working together propels us ahead.

Respect: Being true to oneself first and then others.

Present: Focusing on now and having fun.

Time is the ultimate level playing field. We are all endowed with the torch of our collective knowledge. It puts us all in the very best position to succeed in the future. It is now upon each of us to either grab this torch and light up the darkness or burn us to the ground. To infinity and beyond!

The refreshed Goldmine identity was designed by Dipti Deshmukh and further adapted by Ramesh Gawde.