21st August 2018, By Shruti Acharya, Sr. Copywriter

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"Work" and "fun" shouldn't be antonymous at work

Mmm! I will just take a small break and brainstorm with a fresh set of mind

How about I order some good food? Isn’t that the best way to start a thought process?

One more episode and I will be all set to work on this new project

Power of Communication
1. Start your day the night before

There’s a thin line between taking your work home and planning your work at home. Planning your day beforehand increases your productivity drastically because, what you plan the night before will help you accomplish what you’re aiming to get done the next day.

2. Take notes. Or, just scribble

Don’t forget to carry your notepad to a meeting. Make notes of every discussion you have or just scribble short sentences. This doesn’t only help you know your scope of work, but helps you understand what really matters and saves a lot of time.

3. Go, say hi to your acquaintance

Get up from your damn place. Look around. Listen to people around you and their stories. Say hi to someone you have only been maintaining a professional relationship with. This will give you and your desktop a small break to think differently.

4. Work as if you own the company

Yes. It adds value, quality and standard to your everyday work. Would you appreciate a job which wasn’t done efficiently if you were the boss? No, right? Then why deliver something you are not happy with.

5. Commit to doing one kickass work you will be proud of

Do something which will make your heart say ‘Damn! This is exactly what I was thinking of.’ Doesn’t matter what it is, a presentation, a strategy or a piece of article. Do one amaze job you will be proud of before punching out.