15th July 2022, By Toshini Rathod

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The urge to talk to the most beloved being of your life - someone you adore and grow old with. It’s truly an inexpressible bond you share with each other. There’s unconditional love and care beyond boundaries. Yes, that’s your pet. For once, you can miss your health check-up, but not of your pet's.

Ever imagined a world where you could talk to them. For real? Where they hear you and also respond like any other human communication. That’s possible with telepathy.

Animals communicate in a silent language, and humans communicate in a verbal language. This silent language is called telepathy which means feeling across a distance. Communicating telepathically with animals is like mentally sending and receiving messages.

Now you will ask - how? The answer is - with your energy field. Telepathy is a universal language of the animal world. Even though we humans have the ability to communicate with this power, we tend to suppress this ability and replace it with a language. So, during a telepathic communication, we sync our energies with them, so they can communicate through our senses.

Let's see how it happens!

As you know, we have 5 senses - vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and we have our 6th sense, which is our intuition. As telepathic communication is a psychic practice, they dominate any of these senses through their energies and we can feel or see or smell what they are. So if we say - think about your father's face, you will imagine his face with the help of your vision sense. You did this with the help of your imagination. But on the other hand, when you communicate with animals through telepathy, you can see faces you have never seen in your life. They dominate your vision sense through their energies and you can see the face they want you to see. This can happen with different senses, you can smell the food they are smelling, you can feel the emotions or pain which they are sensing and so on. But animals will choose these senses according to their needs. That's why you don't have any control over this.

Mostly, this technique is used for lost pets, pets with behavioural issues, health issues and guidance. Animals are very intelligent, aware, smart and empathetic. They can help you with their guidance and advice, too. When you feel stuck in life, they can help you sort your problems.

Next time you want to deeply connect with your pet, try telepathy. It’s worth your time, right?