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Union Bank of India



Completing 104 years in the banking sector is an achievement in itself. Union Bank of India achieved this milestone while staying at the top by garnering an image of “good people to bank with.”

This year, the banking juggernaut was planning to celebrate its 104th Foundation Day with a theme that accentuated its values.

Our story begins here. A story of how we helped Union Bank of India celebrate a monumental occasion in a memorable way.

Legacy of goodness

Throughout the journey of Union Bank of India that spanned across the century, it focused on offering the best of its services with “goodness” at its centre. Whether its banking services, conveniences, or customer interaction, every customer should experience goodness with every interaction.

With this insight, our campaign idea was set. We needed something that encapsulates the overall essence of “good people to bank with.”

And we just found it with #PoweredByGoodness.

What was asked of us?

Our goal was to create maximum during, and post-event hype around Foundation Day on social media.

Additionally, Union Bank of India wanted to take this opportunity to introduce some new banking products and services designed to make banking even more convenient.

Our way ahead!

We started with creating a journey video showcasing the tremendous legacy of the Union Bank of India. The video highlighted the key achievements of the bank along with its value of sharing banking goodness.

Next, we shared a series of congratulatory video messages where celebrities and leaders from across various sectors wished Union Bank of India on celebrating its 104th Foundation Day.

Not only that, but we also teased some key products like their brand-new smartphone banking app Vyom a week before the launch. As the product launched at the event, we shared a video that generated immense hype around the same.

Throughout all these postings, #PoweredByGoodness remained the term highlighting the legacy of Union Bank of India.


Through our #PoweredByGoodness campaign, we achieved the hype that we seek to make 104th Foundation Day a huge success on social media.

Here are the key highlights of the campaign:

26 congratulatory videos posted

56,000 views on Foundation Day video (Instagram)