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A passion that keeps going

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“A promise of 50 years” – is the philosophy of “APAR Cables.” They have positioned themselves as a brand that has a promise of long-lasting cables. Something that goes on unseen very often, therefore, they wanted to highlight this feature in their marketing communication in a very catchy way.

So when the brief came to us, we started researching something that resonated with their ideology. That’s when it hit us. “Passion never dies!” We all have grown up hearing this phrase all around us.

This became the central theme of our campaign “#ebeamKiShakti.” This is a captivating technology that transforms ordinary wires into an extraordinary one through its immersible power! Just like how your passion can make any work feel like a real joy.

In our campaign series, we showcased that just like the passion that keeps on being passed on from generation to generation, our #ebeamKiShakti also lasts through multiple generations. Through this, we were able to easily capture the attention of people, who found this campaign fun and creative.

Here’s to creating more like this.

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