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An anamorphic angle to John Deere’s Diwali celebration

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This Diwali, Goldmine thought of giving John Deere India a unique way to celebrate the festive vibe. By utilising the art of anamorphism, we decided to spread happiness from every angle. 

The brief from the client was to come up with unique execution ideas for a film that amazes the viewers while at the same time has a strong messaging for the festival. 

As Goldmine was going to produce the film, the level of enthusiasm was soaring through the roof. After days of brainstorming, the team came up with three unique ideas with messaging that are incorporated seamlessly into the film. The three ideas were Shadow Art, Stop Motion, and Anamorphism. 

Anamorphism was finalized by the client, which is the art of arranging objects in such a way that it tells a unique story when viewed from an angle. To suit the art form, messaging too was also given the same vibe with ‘Har Nazar Mein Khushi’.

For the execution of the film, we had less than 10 days to do everything from material procurement, to setting the frames, to creating the art work, and finally, adding the voice over and music. 

There were 9 installations in the film which made everyone on their toes to deliver the project on time. We used Diwali elements like rangoli colors, sweets, dias, food items, kandil, and decorative items to make the artworks. .  

Slowly and steadily, with the dedication of the whole team, we started hanging each of the elements to create shapes for our frames.

All the hard work and dedication of the team was clearly visible and was highly appreciated by the client as well.
The final film with this unique artistic expression received amazing response from the viewers which is reflected in the social media response crossing the 3 million mark for the number of views.

Ideas like this give a different perspective for brands to portray their positioning while ensuring the messaging is communicated in an interesting way.

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