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New Age snacking brand Too Yumm! from Guiltfree Industries, has always brought in some exciting flavours to the snacking industry. And this time, they wanted to rekindle the spirit of innovation with a tantalizing and exhilarating new flavour. Therefore, they introduced – Too Yumm! BHOOT Chips.

Infused with the searing heat of India’s spiciest Chilli, Bhut Jholokia, the brand did an exceptional and industry-first collaboration with India’s pioneer Hot Sauce Brand, Naagin, to deliver an unparalleled snacking experience.

From its eye-catching packaging to its evocative name, the brand created a holistic digital-first approach. They harnessed a myriad of digital platforms to connect with their audience – including influencer collaborations, engaging AR filters, and vibrant Twitter conversations.

This innovative venture has not only redefined snacking but also pioneered a new era in social marketing. With its all-encompassing digital strategy, Too Yumm! has seamlessly connected with its audience, ensuring an unforgettable snacking journey.

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