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Bold Red Entrance of L’Oreal Paris

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Creating a larger-than-life advertisement campaign is a big task and doing it with the help of CGI is even bigger. However, L’Oreal Paris did it in its latest “Paint the Town Red” campaign. This was done for the launch of its new Infallible Matte Resistance Liquid Lipstick range. It claims to give you a rich and long-lasting colour.

Introducing its new Infallible Matte Resistance liquid lipstick, the brand showed a fun scene where a red car with a huge lipstick applicator attached to it, and as it drove, it looked like the lipstick was painting the road red. This AI magic ensured one thing: the lipstick that’s making the town vibrant will look stunning on every face!

This amazing work of art has stolen the spotlight. This has also highlighted the rise of CGI-powered ads and unlocking new ways to create unique content.

Here’s to watching and creating more such amazing content.

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