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Celebrating 25 years of timeless bonds

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Celebrating 25 years of timeless bonds


BPCL (MAK Lubricants) and KOEL (Kirloskar Engines Oil Ltd) wanted to celebrate their 25 years of association in a mega event sharing the message across all media platforms. 

It was a legendary landmark for both corporate giants, inspiring us to work on an integrated campaign theme- A Silver Jubilee of Trust. Taking insights from their glorious history to build a promising future, signifying a synergy between the two leading giants. These key milestones helped us to create various collaterals significant for the live event. This was followed by an inaugural video that captured the journey beautifully. 

Besides, we created a quarter-page print ad and hoarding to drive the message of trust, passion and determination proving that together we are limitless. 

The event was seamless and the campaign went off well and was well appreciated.

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