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Celebrating the legacy of 116 years

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Bank of Baroda wanted to celebrate its 116th Foundation Day with a motivational campaign that would reflect its commitment to achieving excellence, fostering collaboration, and providing top-notch banking services to its customers.

Under the theme “Achieve Collaborate Excel,” our campaign aimed to inspire and engage. We coined the #116YearsofAce hashtag, symbolizing our quest for excellence. Social media platforms like FB, Instagram, and X became our canvas.

We partnered with our renowned brand endorsers PV Sindhu, K Srikanth, and Shefali Verma, who shared their banking insights through engaging video content.

We organized a history-focused quiz, promoting BOB’s legacy, and seamlessly integrated a CSR activity involving tree plantations. Our content resonated with the audiences, fostering a community spirit and pride around BOB’s accomplishments.

The campaign achieved remarkable engagement, generating a buzz on social media and beyond. The #116YearsofAce demonstrated how an inspirational and relatable approach could unite a diverse audience. Through blending motivational storytelling, influencer partnerships, and interactive elements, we successfully celebrated BOB’s 116 years of excellence while reinforcing its promising future.

Let’s catch the video right here…

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