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Dad is the best!

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“Dad” as a word has always symbolised a protector and provider. However, that is just not it! A father has always been so much more to his family. What better day to make people aware of that than “Father’s Day!” 

Bank of Baroda took this opportunity to spread awareness about the same in a fun and memorable way, and we were very excited about this opportunity.

Through our fun and lighthearted campaign, we decided to do something unique. This brought in our campaign “#PapaHarRoleMeinHit” We went all out in finding the small things in which our Dads are present but aren’t spoken about. 

We achieved this by bringing in situations like – when dad cooks, or when he tells us fun stories.

This campaign became a quick fan-favourite even among us, as it helped us relive all our fun memories with Dad once again.

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