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How advertising is a force of change towards sustainability

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As the world becomes more and more aware of the changing climate and its effects on the lives of the people, the discourse around sustainability and climate-friendly practices is deepening its roots for the better.

Brands across the globe are ensuring that their products are not inhibitors towards a sustainable future. Be it recyclable material, reduction in carbon emissions, or the incorporation of renewable energy in business processes, brands are making sure that their carbon footprint is within limits.

Advertising as a force that shapes culture is leading the transformation towards sustainability. With the United Nations and states across the globe setting targets and compliance requirements, it is advertising that is filtering down climate change talks into digestible chunks for the people to work on.

The role of advertising, as usual, lies in the middle of the brands and the people. With the understanding of how the human psyche works, the industry communicates the importance of climate-friendly practices and transforms how society thinks about sustainability and resource utilization.

Moving beyond the brands, advertising is also making sure that the economic and social benefits of a sustainable future are communicated to the people. As the air we breathe and the resources we use improve in quality, we will have better lives for everyone on the planet.

Such benefits are realized by everyone yet we are hardwired with unsustainable habits that severely harm the planet due to its scale. Advertising can help persuade people to adopt sustainable habits by showcasing the benefits in every aspect of their lives.

It’s time the advertising industry ensures that every business incorporates sustainable practices and that the same is communicated to people across the planet. With the power of persuasion and the strength of creativity, we all have to get along and lead the way towards a healthier planet.

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