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How stories shape our perception

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Humans are driven by stories. Everywhere we see, we can find a story inspiring someone to take action that will transform their life. Everything from movies and people to experiences are different forms of stories that mould our personalities and make us who we are. 

Be it the emotions of love, envy, awe, or extreme empathy, they all come alive when we experience strong stories. The idea that we make sense of the world by observing others and connecting with them on a deeper level, holds ground. Such connections are what shape our perception towards life. 

Be it the story of a kid treading through a life of difficulty to come out victorious or of a young girl married early to an older man, finally tasting the joy of freedom. These are the stories that change the way we look at the world.

Not only that, they also allow us to look inside ourselves and contemplate the aspects of our own lives. 

The power of storytelling goes a long way back to the times when we were nomads searching for food and shelter. Paintings date back millions of years that people used to tell their stories. These paintings are a window into how people of the ancient period used to live.

With the advancement of digital communication, sharing stories and taking inspiration from them is a few taps away. But with this convenience also comes the issue of attention deficit. The content we consume is more for entertainment and causes information overload in our brains. This reduces our ability to stay attentive and internalise the learnings of powerful stories. 

We need to train our brains to focus on important aspects of every story and cherish the gems we come across so that we lead a life of joy and fulfillment. Such is the power of stories to shape our perception and ensure that every moment is lived to the fullest.

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