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Monsoon: An Emotion That’s Special to All

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Monsoon – it’s more than a season for people; it’s an emotion. Everyone has a deep connection with this season, which gets even deeper when it comes to the farmers in our country. Their whole year’s hard work depends on good rains. 

Along with farmers, our brand, John Deere, also shares an important connection with the monsoon season. During this season, their tractor sales peak.

Looking at this special common thread, they wanted to give special wishes for this special season.

Hence, came the request for “monsoon greetings.”

Now, if we talk about John Deere, the brand is very clear about its vision because it understands the nuances of farming and focuses on making life easier for its farmers with the help of technology.

Once we found a common ground between the brand’s vision and people’s emotions, we started working on the minute details of our videos.

After working on the script, video style, effects etc. for about 1 month, our entire team prepared the video which has something special for every category. For kids, it was the joy that they get by playing with paper boats in any water puddle they find.

Next were the mothers, their depiction came with the preparation of all the monsoon favourite foods. This led to the family elders, for them, monsoon is all about nostalgia. They sit back and indulge in their most cherished memories.

All of this was then tied up with the final insight about our farmers and their wait for the rain to have a healthy yield.

That’s why, after watching our video, everyone was able to easily relate to it. This led our video to achieve about 112k views and 293 likes in a very short time.

We are proud that we were able to add something good to everyone’s life through this video. Similarly, our endeavour to bring a positive change in the lives of people continues unabated.

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