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Ode to Banking Through Time

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A post shared by Bank of India (@bankofindiaofficial)

Bank of India recently celebrated its 118th Foundation Day. They wanted to commemorate the occasion with a campaign that would resonate with its rich history of innovation and customer-centric banking. They approached us to create a memorable and engaging event for the same.

As a part of it, we created a campaign that blended tradition with modernity. We made sure to keep our entire communication focused on giving the customers a glimpse into the bank’s vision of a tech-driven future along with how it has been bringing that to life.

This campaign not only celebrated its rich history but also positioned Bank of India as a forward-thinking, customer-focused institution. By seamlessly blending tradition and innovation, our campaign allowed Bank of India to connect with their audience on a profound level, solidifying their position as a banking institution with an eye on the future.

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