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Guess what? It’s that time of the year when everything sparkles! Brands threw the best Diwali parties with ads that are all about kindness, sharing positive & good vibes, making you feel all warm and delighted inside & much more.

Check out these top campaigns that are like a burst of joy and sparkle for your Diwali celebrations! 


Rishton Mein Invest

Sparkling Joy. Spreading Delight 

The film “Is Diwali, Karein Rishton Mein Invest” by StockHolding conveyed the notion of Diwali, highlighting that investing in relationships means guaranteed returns. Beyond financial investments, it urged dedicating time, care, and attention to foster deep connections with loved ones. 

Punjab National Bank 

Festivity -a box full of memories


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Punjab National Bank, the magical lantern has been the guiding light to the family by fulfilling their ambition of buying a home of their dreams.  Goldmine created a heartwarming Diwali film where the family decides to bid farewell to their rented home, by entering their dream home. 

Union Bank of India

Dil Se Diwali


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Union Bank of India started the campaign #DilSeDiwali a week before the festival, aimed to bring emotional closeness, especially for those physically distant from family. Seamlessly blending emotions into product posts, it emphasized the power of Digital Banking to bring light and love across miles, celebrating the bonds that make Diwali joyful

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