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The will to go beyond

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Eni, a leading engine oil brand, aimed to connect deeply with its audience by celebrating the spirit of unwavering determination and resilience in the face of all weather challenges. The task was to create a campaign that not only showcased the product’s effectiveness but also ignited a sense of unstoppable enthusiasm among consumers.

We unleashed the “Chalte Rehne Ka Josh: Embracing all weather challenges” campaign, putting the spotlight on conquering tough terrains and harsh conditions. Our core message, “Chalte Rehne Ka Josh,” resonated with the audience by encapsulating the relentless drive to keep moving forward, powered by Eni engine oil.

Through captivating visuals and relatable narratives, our campaign struck a chord with millions. Social media buzzed with stories of determination, with the hashtag #ChalteRehneKaJosh becoming a rallying cry. Eni engine oil’s sales surged as consumers connected the brand with their aspirations. This creative approach not only showcased the product’s capabilities but also honoured the spirit of those who embody the “Chalte Rehne Ka Josh.”

Here’s to creating more like this.

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