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The quest to find human experience in this virtual world, with Virtual Reality.

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The quest to find human experience in this virtual world, with Virtual Reality.

Experiences are something that’s common in this fast paced world. It’s the latest catch of marketing and technology, combined. We may not remember the date or time of our favourite vacation, but we will remember the experience it gave us. This is the idea that’s put forward in Virtual Reality..

Virtual reality is a technology revolution that creates a simulation environment. Pilots begin their flights in a well-designed simulator that creates a similar experience of being in air. This trains them for actual flight. The same theory is used in marketing today, to give customers the utmost human experience in products. Automobile manufacturers use VR to give their customers an unmatched experience of the vehicle without having to test ride. Furniture companies use VR to showcase their products at buyer’s home without physically placing them.

VR technology is developing on a day to day basis that in the future we may be able to be in someone’s experience than just hearing about it. The gaming industry has evolved remarkably after the introduction of VR. It has also helped treat phobias as psychologists often expose you to what you are afraid of to overcome the fear and this can be done through a VR headset making some extreme cases less risky. It’s also used to treat other health issues like addiction, depression and PTSD.

Such developments also create some side effects. Will this virtual experience create something so real that humans cannot differentiate whether it’s real or not? Few studies have shown some of the experiences leading to strong and persistent negative emotions. People may rely on this world to escape reality too.

Let’s hope to see our world that use such technology to make it a better place to live and let live.

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