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Union Bank of India

Bringing the goodness of the bank to the digital family

Building Connections

With a primary objective of enhancing Union Bank of India's digital presence, we helped establish meaningful connections with their target audience, to drive sustainable growth in social media followers.

Integrating strategy with creativity

We aimed to leverage innovative strategies, creative content, and seamless collaboration between servicing and marketing teams to achieve these goals. We took charge of Union Bank of India's social media accounts, developing a comprehensive content strategy tailored to their brand image and target audience. We identified trending topics, industry news, and customer preferences to create engaging posts that resonated with their followers.

UBI RRR Campaign
UBI campaign 1
UBI Zomato Campaign
Unity Run

Partnered with influencers

We forged strategic partnerships with relevant influencers and key opinion leaders to expand Union Bank of India's reach and enhance brand credibility. These collaborations resulted in the creation of engaging content and increased brand visibility among the influencer's audience.

Union Run Campaign
UBI campaign 2

Local connect

Recognizing the diverse linguistic landscape of India, we provided language translations for social media posts. This approach enabled Union Bank of India to connect with a broader audience, breaking language barriers, and fostering better engagement with customers from different regions.

UBI campaign 4
UBI campaign 3
Union Home



Followers added to social media over
our partnership of one and a half years


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growth rate

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